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I'm Onur Ay

welcome to my personal website...

The mandatory quote:

Nothing happens until something moves.....

-Albert Einstein

Before you dive in...

Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival

This website reflects parts of my contenious learning journey from exploring and documenting things that I genuinely find interesting

The old school way of blogging #nofilter

I'm writing about a broad range of topics covering sports, enabling tech, books, investments, mental models and personal wealth ⚽️ 👨‍💻 📚 📈 🧠💰

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And do not look for patterns or rationale as it will be a mishmash of random and cool stuff that excites me... Happy reading and ENJOY! <^_^>

It all started in Bursa...

Born 1989 in Bursa - Turkey four years after my sister on the exact same day and hospital room. She considers me being the best birthday gift of her life - I'm also still puzzled ^^

We moved to Denmark in the late 90's and despite the short summers and long/cold/dark winters we haven't been scared away... yet

In a nutshell

Middle one of three siblings. A cosy family. Married and father to Atlas.

Ay originates from Turkish and means moon or month

Live in Copenhagen where parks & cafes are never more than one stone throw away

2000 Happiness

Love eating/preparing practical food and travelling to new countries

Travel the world, eat good food and be happy...

Engineer with project mngmnt, strategy, startup & investment experience

Not all heros wear capes. I'm a quick learner and almost a swiss army knife

Curious, creative & data informed approach to things in general

Love design and cool visuals

Passion-ate about tech, books (reading/listening) and ball sports in general

A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away

Played professional youth football in FC Nordsjælland while attending high school

Still try do a lot of sports to stay in physical and mental shape.. Hit me up!

Learned Danish and English in 6 months after moving to Denmark around 2000

Used an analog/offline method called mingling. Understand/speak six languages

Academic & Professional path

Co-founder & COO of Molecular Quantum Solutions and have an independent advisory and investment setup in Moon Ventures, where I advise startups and scaleups 🌙 💡


Previously held strategy, (technical) consulting and investment positions in places including Maersk Growth, KPMG Advisory, SWECO and Danish Energy Agency 💼


I've co-founded three startups within EdTech and proff services that did not really take off 🚀


Have a technical masters degree in electrical engineering and IT combined with business and finance skills from DTU, CBS and Beijing University + numerous MOOCs🤘🏻📚


Privileged to serve as investor and advisor for cool startups like Gamingbuddy, CanopyLAB, PlatoScience and SuperB.


Other activities counts roles as advisor and judge in meaningful initiatives like Venture Cup, USWC, GoGrow and DTU Skylab.


Serve as the chairman of the board for our beloved building in Frederiksberg where the average age is 59 years old. Old is gold :-)


Check out more on LinkedIn or reach out with questions!

Startup Focus

If you have a startup or know one who could benefit from a hands-on advisor & investor, there are great chances that I can get involved with resources (⌛ + 💰)

I'm genuinely interested in Future of Work, DeepTech, SportsTech, IoT/Robotics and Gaming.

There is a great match if the startup meets following criterias:

Early Stage PreSeed-Seed

B2Business and B2Proffessionals

Persistent team with tech edge

(Deep) Tech & AI focus/angle

Powerful storytelling

Startups I have advised, mentored and/or invested in:

Connecting like-minded gamers worldwide for a better social experience and less toxicity while playing
Bulding the future e-learning platform - research based, social, individualized & adaptive.
First ever all-in-one Guest Experience Management platform (GXM) for high-end restaurants.
Plug'n play tDCS headset for boosting cognition through neurostimulation & training.
Sorting technology for the plastics industry. Don't waste your waste plastic.
Global community and movement of protein innovators.

Blogposts & Projects

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